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 Star Trek Fleet Simulator - A Brief Intro with FAQ

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Star Trek Fleet Simulator - A Brief Intro with FAQ Empty
PostSubject: Star Trek Fleet Simulator - A Brief Intro with FAQ   Star Trek Fleet Simulator - A Brief Intro with FAQ Icon_minitimeWed Nov 23, 2011 12:08 pm

Star Trek Fleet Simulator

A Brief Introduction

Greetings Sir or Ma'am, welcome to Star Trek Fleet Simulator (STFS). This document was created to help answer any questions that any new or prospective players might have about our simulation. Please look through the various sections. If you have a question but do not see it mentioned or referenced, please email and we will provide you with additional information.


What is STFS?

Simply put, STFS is a Play by Bulletin Board Star Trek Fleet Simulation RPG. Players are responsible for playing and simulating enitre vessels, sometimes multiple ones, in the context of the larger fleet. Different classes of vessels will have a different number of players assigned to them; smaller vessels (scouts, frigates, destroyers) will generally have only one player simulating the ship, while medium to larger sized vessels (cruisers, heavy cruisers, command cruisers) will have between two and four players simulating the ship. Players, also known as captains, are given various tasking orders, also known as missions, and it is up to them to work with other captains to successfully complete their tasks.

The primary goal for our simulation is for each player to contribute to the fleet's storyline and to successfully write the most epic and intricate Star Trek plots. This simulation follows a strong realism perspective of Star Trek, taking all canon elements of the franchise into account yet producing realistic results. Not all episodes and missions can have a happy ending. We simulate not only the best but also the darkest side of Starfleet. Crew casualities, fatalities, destroyed vessels, prisoners of war; all are part of our adventure.

How do you play?

STFS is a writing simulation similar to other forum-based RPGs. Our players write 'posts' (usually three to ten paragraphs) that describe in-character actions and events. Sometimes multiple players/characters will combine and create 'joint-posts' (a combination of posts including multiple writers).

What makes STFS different than other Star Trek RPGs?

Unlike most Star Trek RPGs that simulate life on board a single ship with a variety of crew members, STFS is faster-paced and allows players to control entire vessels. Instead of taking months to accomplish a single mission through various solo and joint posts, we allow players the freedom to command their own ship and crew and simulate all of the action aboard their vessels. As each mission progresses, STFS reads more like a novel, taking a larger perspective of Starfleet's fleet operations. The intention of this simulation is to provide as much in-depth realism of Starfleet as possible. We are a true RPG-Simulation.

I'm I will be writing as the captain of a ship? What about the other crew on my ship? What if I want to develop and play different characters on my ship other than the captain?

Absolutely! Each player's primary role is to play the captain of a starship and simulate his/her starship's adventures; you will carry out Starfleet's orders and attempt to ensure the survival of your crew. However, in addition to simulating your ship's captain, you may develop any other characters you see fit that are part of your crew. This includes your XO, Department Heads, junior officers, even enlisted crewmen. Your imagination is the limit.

So smaller ships are for solo players and larger ships will require multiple players?

Yes, for the most part. Smaller ships in the fleet naturally have smaller crews which are easier to simulate with just one player. There are multiple types of vessels availble for solo players. Larger ships, because of their larger crews, will have several players working together to simulate the action aboard their ship.

As a player on a ship, am I allowed to play characters on other ships?

In short, yes. Each player's primary character must be a captain, however players are allowed to create secondary characters aboard other ships and simulate with other players. Players' secondary characters must always be of lower rank than their primary, and must always serve aboard a different vessel.

For example:

  • Primary character: Captain (of your ship)
    Secondary character: XO (of a friend's ship)


  • Primary character: Captain (of your ship)
    Secondary character: Enlisted science officer (of a friend's ship)

but never...

  • Primary character: Captain (of your ship)
    Secondary character: XO (of your ship)

This is not to say that you cannot write about other characters aboard your own ship, in fact, we welcome it. You may not, however, have two registered forum characters serving abord the same ship. STFS encourages comraderie and friendship. We try to balance solo simming with group simming with options available for all different kinds of players.

What is the difference between characters and registered forum characters (RFC)?

Characters are people (or pets) a player creates aboard his/her own simulation. A player is free to write, use, and manipulate their characters at-will, as long as he/she stays within the Starfleet code-of-conduct.

Registered forum characters are specific, in-depth characters created and played by players. RFCs are used to allow players to simulate on other player's ships and to interact with other members of the fleet. They allow players to enhance their simming experience by participating in other player's simulations.

Can characters and RFCs interact?

Of course! Often times it is necessary component of our simulation.

How many primary and secondary RFC characters is each player allowed to have?

In general, each player is allowed one primary character and two secondary characters that they will be responsible for. If a player is a particularly strong and motivated writer, additional primary and secondary characters are available.

How many ships/players are in the fleet?

Approximately 45-50 ships exist in our fleet. Depending on the number of players in STFS at the time, each person may control one or several different ships.

This sounds confusing. How will I keep track of all the different ships, movements, characters, and actions within the fleet?

Due to the complex nature of fleet operations, confusion is natural. To make sure all players are informed and have the necessary information available to simulate properly, visual aids will be prominent in STFS. Examples of visual aids include; star charts, ship charts, formation charts, character charts, intelligence charts, command charts, and various other graphics. Players will also observe proper protocol an follow the Chain of Command.

What is Protocol? Chain of Command (CoC)?

Perhaps the two most important elements of STFS, these are the glue that makes this simulation stick together and work cohesively. Protocol ensures that every player from top to bottom observes the proper methods of conduct, communication, and posting. No player should ever be uninformed as it detracts from the simulation experience. In order to work seamlessly with other players, all characters must follow the CoC. STFS's CoC is based on a combination of canon Trek lore and modern-day military. It allows orders, actions, information, and intelligence to be passed smoothly up and down the ranks and into the hands of the appropriate players. All players are required to follow Starfleet protocol and the CoC at all times, no exceptions.

Sounds cool, when does the game start?

STFS is currently in development and is expected to launch in January 2012. Please be patient as we update and modify these forums.

What are the requirements to join STFS?

You must be/have:

  • 18+ years old
    Previous RPG experience
    Strong writing skills
    Strong email/communication skills
    Knowledge of Star Trek
    Able to post twice a week

This simulation has an age restriction?

Yes, we are a Mature (M) rated simulation, therefore all members must be age eighteen or over. Posts will often depict graphic violent, emotional, and sexual situations.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining STFS, please email with the following information:

  • Name
    Email and IM
    Previous RPG experience
    Star Trek knowledge
    Writing availability (posts per week)

The next step will be to complete your character application, followed by your ship application.

We will reply to all applications within 48 hours with more information and additional instructions. Please be patient.

I want to help develop STFS, what positions are available?

We are in the initial phases of development, and as such, we are in need of forum moderators, programmers, website admins, graphic designers, experienced simmers, and all-around good, responsible people. If you love Star Trek as much as we do and wish to be a part of our upcoming simulation, please email your information and qualifications to

This forum uses LCARS buttons, I can't understand what they mean!

Only a genious could learn LCARS on their first try. Study and learn LCARS through our Academy courses as part of your Officer Training.

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Star Trek Fleet Simulator - A Brief Intro with FAQ
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