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 Starship Application Form

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PostSubject: Starship Application Form   Starship Application Form Icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 8:25 am

Star Trek Fleet Simulator
Starship Application

The starship application is the second step in the player registration process. Please review the form below. This is the information that must be provided in order to be assigned to your new command. Please take your time when completing this form and provide as much in-depth information as possible. Rushed, hurried, and blank applications will not be accepted. Several questions require internet research. It is important to take the time to learn as much as possible about your prospective ship class and its capabilities. Your selection of ship will largely dictate what mission types you are assigned. Make sure that every criteria is filled out as well as properly formatted and spell checked. Email the information below to Applications are accepted/rejected within 48 hours.

Starship Application Form Drydoc10

Starship Application Form

Basic Info

  • Ship Class (must be canon)
  • Ship Name
  • Registry Number
  • Date of Commission
  • Place of Commission

Ship History

  • Construction History (one or more paragraphs)
  • Mission Objectives (one or more paragraphs)
  • Starfleet Service History (one or more paragraphs)
  • Starfleet Service Record (list format)

Starship Research

  • Why did you choose this class of starship?
  • What are the mission roles for this class of starship?
  • What is the design history of this class of starship?
  • How large is the crew of this class of starship?
  • What are the technical specifications of this class of starship?
  • What role do you think this ship class plays in the Fleet?

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Starship Application Form
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